Nokia E10

                                                      Nokia E10 Smartphone Concept
 About nano technology we can not talk in this article, but we can say that Nokia planning to incorporate nanotechnology in its high-end devices, to increase utility and reduce manufacturing costs in coming years.
Nokia E10 is a smartphone concept with flexible display designed by Chinese Wang Yifei. Nokia E10 through a futuristic design and with integrated innovation brings the future in your pocket.
With small dimensions, Nokia E10 manages to include the most important technologies and also to integrate new technologies. Flexible screen allows reading e-mails, viewing movies or pictures, play music and share information’s and pictures with your friends on social networks.

Integration mode of flexible screen in smartphone is patented by Nokia, a simple way after which you can enjoin by a flexible display, but offers all the features of the current screen.
Usually gadgets with soft screen or scroll screen do not support touch control and one-hand control if the screen is very large. This inspired the designer to develop a portable gadget that would make the functions of a scroll screen simple and user-friendly on the go. Moreover, foldable phones are a niche that is new not only for users but for designers as well.

Nokia E10 may be simultaneously a phone and a tablet, a flexible screen allows the smartphone to works in two different modes.
For Nokia E10 not have to worry about running out of battery, the smartphone comes with three solar batteries, together with a lithium battery, at the rear.
If you want that the smartphone to work in tablet mode with the screen expands, need to know that you have available a screen with dimensions around 6.4 x 4.0 inch.
Indifferent if the flexible screen is held or not, you can still use your smartphone to make phone calls, send messages, emails, play games and do whatever you want like other normal mobile phones.
If you unfold the handset, you’ll turn it into a tablet-like unit, supporting high-def pictures and video viewing plus extra space for web browsing. Touch control is also supported and the unit is powered with the aid of 3 solar batteries, that are complemented by a Lithium battery. This is possibly the most complex MeeGo device we’ve seen so far, so we say congratulations to the designer, Chris Wang.



  1. Nokia E10 containing effective technologies and well specification with feauteres also to integrate new advance technologies.It has Flexible screen which allows reading e-mails, viewing movies or pictures,play music and share information’s and pictures with our friends on social networks by it attractive media tool.


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