Samsung Galaxy Fame

Samsung Galaxy Fame
Get ready young'uns - it's got NFC

The Samsung Galaxy Fame is a
phone that comes with a celebrity
name, but certainly no celebrity
price tag. Available SIM-free and
unlocked from around £180/US$200
and free on UK contracts starting as
low as £10 per month, the Samsung
Galaxy Fame will certainly not drain
your bank balance.

It is unsurprising that Samsung has
the most prolific smartphone sales
figures. With Galaxy devices as
numerous as stars in the night sky
spanning every corner of the market,
from the highest end
Samsung Galaxy S4 and announced
Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, the
super-sized Samsung Galaxy Note 2
right through to the ageing Samsung
Galaxy S3 before hitting the lowest
ends with the Samsung Galaxy Fame
and the Samsung Galaxy Young.

This puts it square in contention with
the Samsung Galaxy Young, the
ageing Samsung Galaxy Ace and
Samsung Galaxy Y , as well as the
newer LG Optimus L3 2 and Nokia
Lumia 520 .

Samsung has clearly got a design
ethos in mind, one that has been
apparent since the Galaxy S3. The
Samsung Galaxy S3 was far curvier
than its predecessor, with its
successor following very much in its

The Samsung Galaxy Fame is not a phone that will live forever, and it
hasn't quite learned to fly. It is clear from the very outset that Samsung has used
the ingredients to create a lower-end
smartphone, such as the smaller
internal chipset, the smaller screen
and the low internal storage.

In doing so the Samsung Galaxy
Fame, in a continuation of the
Samsung Galaxy range's design,
feels a little underpowered. The feel
of the Samsung Galaxy Fame, with
the TouchWiz interface and external
design, is reminiscent of the
Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung
Galaxy S3 Mini , and makes you want
to see it as a more expensive
The smaller chipset generally nipped
along fairly well when swiping
between home screens, but when
waking up to the camera or loading
slightly larger apps, the Samsung
Galaxy Fame struggled really quite
noticeably, to the point where we
were feeling rather frustrated.

We can see the Samsung Galaxy
Fame selling a fair few units,
especially given its super low price
tag, and we don't see that as a bad
thing, given that the majority of users
will likely be young, and wanting a
way of connecting to Facebook, but
for anything more substantial, the
handset really struggles.

Via: techradar

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